Candle Affiliate Program

Do you love candles? Are you looking to earn extra income with very little work? Refer your website traffic to earn 15% on all retail sales and 2.5% on wholesale/private label sales. Join our Candle Affiliate Program today!

If your site qualifies, below are examples of how you might promote our candles on your website:

  • Sending out a candle review email with your affiliate link to your customer email list.
  • Placing a banner ad (we will provide photo with affiliate link) of our products on your website, blog, or newsletter.
  • By posting a candle article or candle review with your affiliate link on your website.
  • By posting tweets on Twitter, posts to Instagram or Facebook to your followers of your website.

Website & Blog Traffic Requirement

Your traffic rank must be at least 400,000. You may click here to check your site traffic.

How Does it Work?

You will receive credit for every sale you refer using your special coded affiliate link somewhere on your website, blog or newsletter. When someone clicks on the link then purchases our candles you will receive 15% commission on all retail sales and 2% on wholesale/private label sales.


Once you have received your first sale, our affiliate software begins to keep track of it and will send email notifications for every sale received. We can submit payment every month between the 15th and 30th for prior month’s sales via PayPal.


If you have 70,000 plus actual followers on Instagram with posting our products or banner ad, you’ll receive 20% commission on all retail sales and 3.5% on wholesale sales.

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