Research & Development

Do you have custom fragrances you would like us to use in your personal candle line? At Harbor Mill Candles, our goal is to provide you with the utmost care and safety when manufacturing your candles. There are many factors considered when producing a candle involving the correct jars, fragrances and/or essential oils as well as the appropriate wicks. It is essential to test each new line of candles prior to making it available for sale to the general public.

Research & Development requires an extensive amount of time and patience to ensure the candles burn to its optimal burning qualities that consist of little to no sooting, mushrooming or tunneling; and most importantly the scent throw both hot and cold. 

We have put together several packages to help get your candle line research & development underway. It will take up to two weeks to complete testing or longer during our peak season, please plan accordingly. 

What will we need from you:

  • A minimum of 6-8 ounces of fragrance oil(s)
  • Selection of container type
  • Wax type

What you will receive from us:

  • Completed candle(s) made in the provided fragrance(s)
  • Our full testing sheet of our findings plus recommendations (if any)
  • Product Label of your artwork and warning label with contact details for repeat customers

Still have questions? Drop us a line.

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